Now let's assess the external risks

This section covers external risks for you to consider and weigh risks that are out of your control such as: macroeconomic dynamics, timing, ecosystem infrastructure and legal/regulatory risks. After we rate these risk factors, we'll look at the results for your risk profile, priority risks and ways to mitigate them.


We have provided in-depth explanations to help you answer the questions. Click on each category to see the corresponding explanations for each group of questions.

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Read the questions carefully. A higher value on the scale indicates a higher risk and question ending in an asterisk (*) are required.

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a. How crowded is your market?

Not crowded: We are the market leaders.
Some market players: We were among the wave of market entrants after the market leader.
Very crowded: We are new market entrants in a crowded space.

b. How large is your total addressable market (TAM)?

Very large: Our TAM is very large, representing almost 100% of the population in our market.
Mid-sized: Our TAM is a significant portion of the population in our market.
Not very large:Our TAM is a small subset of the population in our market.

c. How large is your total serviceable (SAM) market?

Very large: We believe we can reach 100% of our target market.
Mid-sized: We can only reach a subset of the market.
Not very large: The SAM that we can actuallty reach is very limited.

d. How economically or politically volatile is your target market?

Very stable: There are currently no major economic or political shocks or instability affecting our market.
Somewhat volatile: There is some instability in our market but it should not affect our business if the situation remains stable.
Very volatile: The market is undergoing a wave of socio-economic or political instability that has high chances to distrupt our business.

a. How many firms are you competing with in the marketplace?

None: We do not have competitors right now.
Some: There are several market entrants.
Too many: The market is crowded with new entrants every day.

b. How is growth of the market looking?

Very good: The time is ripe for a solution/product like ours. There aren't any competitors or alternative products. We see a fundamental shift in consumer behaviors that are conducive to our product and service.
Looks good: It may be a little early for widespread adoption of our technology. There are some early players that can become competitors. Consumers need to adopt technology better for our product and service.
Not good: The market conditions are not favorable and slowing the adoption of our producy/service. There are already some competitors and alternative products in the market. Consumers experience a lot of friction in adopting our product or service.

a. How mature is the ecosystem infrastructure in your target market?

Very mature: There are no infrastructural issues.
Somewhat immature: There are some infrastructural challenges such as lack of connectivity, electricity etc.
Very immature: The ecosystem needs to develop a lot for our solution to scale.

a. How supportive/favorable is the legal/regulatory environment in your target market?

Very supportive: There are clear laws and norms in place and we often engage in conversations with the regulators.
Somewhat supportive: The regulations are ambiguous and do not facilitate the development of our solution.
Not very supportive: The regulatory environment is restrictive for new companies and hampers innovation.

b. How uncertain is the legal/regulatory environment in your target market?

Very stable
In flux
Very unstable