Areas for Improvement

Based on your assessment results, the below stages are highlighted for you to review first:

Think of Product Market Fit as a pyramid. Each stage of the PMF journey contributes to the building of a foundation. A weak foundation will lead to a weak overall PMF. Thus, if you have assessed that a certain stage in the journey needs urgent attention, focus on getting that stage right before looking at the latter stages. The assessment should help you pinpoint which stages are priority for your company.


Your Results Breakdown by Stages 

Problem Insight


Value Proposition


Launch & Measure



Product Market Fit Toolkit

Here you can find all the resources of the Product Market Fit Toolkit.

+ Introduction

What is Product Market Fit?
Why is it important?
How do I separate product and market?
The PMF Journey
Assessment Exercise

+ Problem Insight

Understand your customers
In person interaction examples
Customer research tips
Empathy map
Customer journey map
Other resources

+ Value Proposition

Customer profile - pains & gains
Value map - products
Mistakes to avoid
Critical assumptions exercise
Formulate hypotheses
Exercise Sheet - Value prop canvas

+ Problem solution fit

What is an MVP?
Determine what you want to test
Marketing MVP tests
WorldCover Case Study
Product MVP tests
Other resources

+ Launch & Measure

Designing lean experiments
A/B Testing
Lean experiment examples
What metrics should I use?

+ Iterate, pivot, or persevere?

Build -measure-learn
Keep in mind
Destacame Case Study
Where to focus in pivot?
Escala Case Study
Nomanini Case Study

+ Measuring PMF

PMF path
Must-have score
Lead indicator engagement data
How do I know when I’m at PMF?