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As in all bank accounts in Kenya, an M-Shwari account is subject to regulation requiring banks to verify the identity of the customer according to KYC principles. However, in the case of M-Shwari, CBA does this digitally using the existing KYC details from the customer registration of the phone number (SIM) and M-PESA account, which requires physical presentation of an ID. So, for the majority of customers, opening this bank account (for many, the first in their lives) takes less than a minute.

Quick, simple registration process

Quick, simple registration process



MShwari gives full control to the user by making sure she has the change to either confirm or cancel all transactions. When dealing with savings, confirmation messages engender trust and mitigate fear, especially when using the service for the first time.

User has the ability to confirm

User has the ability to confirm




Sure, appearance matters for apps. But what about simple USSD menus? Generating trust from appropriate appearance is about more than colors or fonts, it’s also about the language used. Mshwari’s uses language that is simple, non-technical, and very clear for the user.

Simple, non-technical language

Simple, non-technical language




The M Shwari USSD process Embeds constant SMS confirmation messages for the user to easily follow and confirm transactions.

Users immediately receive confirmation messages after entering a target amount during registration. Then after a savings amount, users receive another clear confirmation message.

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In the developing world, particularly among low income customers, any unexpected fees can quickly erode trust in a deposit-taking institutions. M Shwari enshrines consumer protection by never charging fees for savings. Users enjoy the following trust-inducing features:

  • No minimum balance
  • No charges levied on the account
  • No charges for moving money from M-PESA to M-Shwari account and vice versa