Competency at Acquisition

Branch simple to work. Customers download the Branch App, and then provide their personal details to sign up. They then invite friends to join so they form a network of trusted friends within Branch. The network increases one’s ability to access quick, fast loans. Loans are sent to the recipient's M-PESA account within 24 hours after approval. Once a borrower pays back the principle plus the fees, they can start to become eligible for larger, cheaper loans into future.

  1. Users can clearly tell that the transaction has been completed successfully, along with third-party confirmation numbers.

  2. Users have the ability to chat directly with real humans.


Competency at Retention

  1. Smart design of the product gives rewards to clients for good payment behavior.
  2. Clients can access higher loan amounts over time.

Competency at Referral

  1. The Branch app prioritizes referrals on the home page.
  2. Users know right away that if they tell their friends and family about the product, they will be rewarded.