Appearance at Acquisition

  1. In low-bandwidth environments, make the app small. In most countries in emerging markets, people usually pay for every megabyte they download.
  2. Design for cheap phones. Cheap Android phones are very cheap in countries like Kenya.

Appearance at Activation

"For our user base, Branch is probably the third app they've ever used, the first two being Whatsapp and Facebook, which usually come pre-installed on their phones," Flannery says.


That’s why Branch took a step-by-step, one-action-per-screen approach to the majority of the product’s UI.

Simple design:

  1. Straightforward shapes and colors, varying text size: appropriate for the likely target user.
  2. One screen, one action.

Appearance at Referral

By getting clients to refer product to friends and family, it is much easier to achieve organic growth. For this reason, make it extremely easy to locate how to refer others from the main menu.

  1. The Branch App prioritizes referrals on the home page.
  2. Design a referral program if you can create incentives for customers to share your product or service.